5 Best Window Replacement in Arizona

Why is it so difficult to find the best window replacement companies in Arizona? The answer may seem blindingly obvious. But it is not. And the ramifications resulting from the real answer are even more complex than those of the apparent one.

The obvious explanation is that, when there are so many companies on the market, finding the one that might be right for one’s needs can be extremely difficult. This description isn’t wrong. But it fails to tell the whole story because the issue here is not merely of supply and demand.

Most of the time companies offering window replacement don’t offer their products in your budget. Or their range isn’t that large. Or their reputation isn’t good enough. You are therefore left with no option but to conduct your own research. And that is where this article will help you out. Also, If you want DIY by yourself, You can check WCMA Window & Door blog.

Five Best Window Replacement Companies In Arizona

Here are the five best window replacement companies in Arizona:

Dreamstyle Remodeling

Ranked as America’s top remodeling company in each of the last two years, Dreamstyle Remodeling has been serving the people of Arizona since 1989. This window replacement also company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, among other accolades.

Part of the reason why it’s so famous is because of the range of windows Dreamstyle Remodeling offers. The company has all the classic styles that you can hope for, including casement, double-hung, picture, gliding, and bay and now. But it also has something to offer to the modernists.

Its custom-shaped windows do everything to complement the architecture of your home. It further sweetens the deal by offering a lifetime warranty on all its products. Those of you who are running on a tight budget are given the option to break down your payment in easy-to-pay monthly installments.

Sunscape Windows and Doors

One of the household names across Arizona, Sunscape Windows and Doors’ unique selling points lies in their excellent customer service. You can gauge that from the fact that the Registrar of Contractors is yet to receive a single consumer complaint about this business.

The range of window replacement services that this company offers is admirable too. It gives you three options, including single hung windows, double hung windows, and casement windows. All three are installed with a guarantee that their ventilation would lower down your energy bills.

Sunscape Windows and Doors further sweeten the deal by offering a four-step installation service. The first of the three steps involves you making a decision about what type of window you want. The next two steps revolve around the final installation and the last step is dedicated to inspection.

Redline Windows

Although it isn’t located in Arizona for as long as some of the other businesses mentioned in this review, Redline Windows is giving a serious competition to established window replacement companies in the area by offering above-par window installation and repair services.

It does that by earning recommendations from industry experts. Better Business Bureau has provided this enterprise with an A+ rating, whereas Home Advisor awarded it with the ‘Best of 2016’ award four years ago. Angie’s List is also admirers of this locally owned business.

Yet another feature of this company that we found likable is their guidance services. Their trained experts help undecided homeowners by explaining to them the pros and cons of each window that the company is offering. This way, they make sure that you don’t end up making the wrong choice.

A to Z Retrofit LLC

Most window replacement companies you have seen thus far offer three or four types of windows. A to Z Retrofit LLC is different. This family-owned business provides 11 types of windows. You therefore have the option to select from an extensive range.

This company sets itself apart from its competitors by offering most of its windows in one of two frames. You can either choose to have your window made with a vinyl frame, in which case you will have three colors (white, sand, clay) to choose from. Or you can go for an aluminum frame with four color options.

There is also the option of ‘exterior only paint’ exercising which you can select from bronze, black and silver colors. A to Z retrofit further sweetens the deal by giving you a free home estimate and providing a limited lifetime warranty on all products installed by its experts.

Renewal by Anderson

Renewal by Anderson sets itself apart from other window replacement companies with its one-century long experience in both residential and commercial applications. It has its showrooms dotting the landscape of Arizona and has a team of experts you can trust.

This window replacement company sets the ball rolling with a call from you. It then sends its in-house expert to receive your input and guide you on the type of window that will complement your home’s architecture and interior décor the best.

You are then presented with a free cost estimate based on the services you want to hire. That is followed by the installation of new windows by a team of experts who clean up before leaving your premises. And the windows that they’ll install in your home will be backed by a robust limited warranty.


All the window replacement companies that earned our recommendation have five qualities in common. They all have a spotless reputation among their previous customers, enjoy the trust of their peers in the industry, and have samples to show the excellent work quality that they provide.

Best of all, they have a clear complaint resolution procedure. You won’t have to worry about them leaving you in the dark if their work fails to match your expectations. Apart from that, almost all of them offer limited lifetime warranties on their replacement windows. What more can you ask for!