how much does it cost to remove window tint

A person may have had window tint put on their car to help keep the sun out of their eyes or because they wanted their car to look cool. Window tint does not last forever. Over time it can begin to look dull or it may even start to peel away. Some people want to have the window tint removed to improve the appearance of the car. Window tint can be removed but it is not going to be cheap. There are some average prices to having window tint removed from the windows.

Average Costs

The cost of removing window tint will vary based on the amount of tint that is left on the window and the price of the professional that is going to perform the removal. There are some averages that a person should be aware of to determine if they are getting a good price. The average price to remove window tint ranges from $100 to $250. The professional can charge anywhere between $25 and $50 for each window.

Removal Process

The corners of the window tint are going to be removed using a blade and then it will be peel away. The professional will then go back over the area with a soapy mixture and clean off any tint that was stuck and any residue that was left behind. A razor blade will then be used to remove this. Once the window is free from all residue it is cleaned and dried. Professionals can also use a fabric steamer to remove the tint. The steam will be applied to the corners and then the tint is lifted off. The steam is then used to remove the residue and the window is cleaned. While this may seem simple it will take a steady hand and some time. The process takes around two hours to complete. This is why the professionals can charge the prices they do for window tint removal.

Tips for Saving Money

Before hiring a professional to complete the job a person should go online. They can see the price list for several shops or they can call and ask about the price before making a final decision. This will allow them to compare prices and experience and find a reasonable price. If a person lives in the city they may be charged as much as $60 an hour for the work of a professional. They may need to travel a little to save some money and get a better rate. Some professionals will charge by the tint removal job and some will charge by the hour. This is something to consider when hiring a professional.

Window tint on a car will fade over time and will not have a good look. A person should have the tint removed. They need to be prepared to pay a professional for the job. They will know that they are getting someone that knows how to remove the tint and any film. This will allow their windows to look good once again.

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