What Kind Of Mold Grows In Window Air Conditioners?

When you are a homeowner, a major problem that you are going to encounter when it comes to home maintenance is the problem of molds. This growth is not only hard to see but also it can be dangerous for you and your family.

Due to its nature, it is quite difficult to spot at the beginning and this makes it grow over time if enough care is not taken at the earliest. The vents and the ducts in your air conditioners are the ones that are mostly affected by mold. Below are the common types of molds that will grow in your air conditioners.

– Chaetomium.

This type of mold appears as a brown substance that has a cotton-like texture. The color of this mold will change with time thus making it difficult to identify or distinguish. Mostly, you will find it growing on your walls but it is also common in the vents and ducts.

– Ulocladium.

Ulocladium can also be found growing in your air conditioner but it is rare to find when compared with other kinds of molds. You will find it growing in the corners of your kitchen and bathroom and appears like a layered black substance. This type is difficult to eliminate and you might be required to seek help from a professional.

– Alternaria.

Alternaria is a type of mold that is very common and appears as a greenish or brownish with a velvet-like texture. This kind of mold will grow in any area that mostly has water running through it for some time hence it will not be common in your ducts and vents but you do not rule out its possibilities.

– Acremonium

Acremonium is commonly found in dead plant materials and also in the hay. You will also find it in the water damaged construction materials since it needs a wet environment. It also grows in the insulation in your air conditioner. This mold can start from the cooling coils, humidifier water, or standing water in the drip pans.

Acremonium mostly grows in combination with the Stachybotrys chartarum which is a dreaded black mold. Black mold will require extremely damp long-standing conditions. When it comes to your health, it is considered as the major component in the sick building syndrome.

– Mucor.

This is one of the most common types of mold that you will find in your air conditioner as well as air vents. You need to eliminate this mold in its earliest stages of growth due to its great potential to cause harm or damage.

– Trichoderma.

Trichoderma will grow in areas that are constantly moist or wet and this is the reason you will find it in your air conditioner or air vents. It takes the looks of spores and with a capacity to multiply rapidly making it hard to eliminate in your home.

In conclusion, due to the dangers that molds pose, it is necessary that you conduct Fresh Air Duct Cleaning occasionally. There are professional companies that can do this kind of cleaning for you since they are well equipped and will tackle this problem in a more efficient manner.

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