AzGS Refer A Colleague Program

Tell your colleagues about the benefits of being an AzGS Member!  Reward incentives are available for AzGS Members who recruit a colleague to join the AzGS.* 

Membership growth allows for increased awareness and helps with our mission to advance the best healthcare practices for older Arizonans by supporting the education of interprofessional geriatric health providers and thereby improving the health, independence and quality of life of all older people. Share your knowledge about the AzGS and the value of your membership. You will receive recognition for promoting the Society, and your colleague will experience the benefits of being an AzGS member firsthand.


  • Receive $50 off your next membership dues payment or conference registration for every new Physician or Allied Health Care Provider Member you recruit.
  • Receive $10 off your next membership dues payment or conference registration for every new paid Trainee Member (Fellow In Training, Resident or Student) you recruit.

To be considered a "recruited" Member, your colleague must:

  • Be a NEW member purchasing a full-priced Physician, Allied Healthcare Provider or Trainee Membership.  Previous AzGS members that have lapsed 5 years or more also qualify.
  • Complete the referral line of the membership application with the full name of the person who has “recruited” them.
  • Submit a membership application, along with full payment.

Contact the AzGS Office at [email protected] or 602-265-0211 for recruitment materials.

Tips on How to Refer a Colleague:

  1. Tell the individual about the AzGS mission and goals, and the strategies we use to achieve our vision.
  2. Identify the individual's specific needs and areas of interest that the many AzGS membership services and opportunities could address.
  3. Tell the individual about how being an AzGS member has benefited you personally.
  4. Encourage the individual to think about joining the Society or attending one of the three conferences. Offer to send him or her more information, that can be obtained from the AzGS office.
  5. Give the individual specific information about applying and ask him or her to complete the referral section if they decide to follow through.

Contact the individual after some time to find out if they have any questions. Thank them if they joined or restate your reasons for supporting the Society.

Printable Membership Application

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